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Yes, you read that right. A Passion for Taxation. It may seem unusual to many, but I fell in love with tax code when I was 16 years old, nearly 26 years ago to the date.

I filed my first tax return at 16, when I got my first W-2 in the mail. First I was excited to get mail, then I was curious. What is this and what am I supposed to do with it? I learned that it’s a receipt of sorts of my wages earned and taxes withheld for the year, and that I could claim a “return” or refund on the difference between what was withheld and what my tax liability, plus any extra credits if I was eligible.

So we work and the government takes a cut for taxes? What are taxes? What do they pay for? Who determines this? I’m 16, but was so fascinated by this concept. I filed that first return by landline phone and received my refund in my savings account a couple of weeks late. I concentrated on accounting and marketing in high school, then in college. But in college, my concentration was taxation. I filed returns for my friends and did so throughout college. I also worked as a bookkeeper throughout college and later as a contract staff accountant that allowed me to gain valuable experience learning the difference, between book accounting and tax accounting in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principals.

I then went on to work for a tax entrepreneur, where I was trusted to open several Liberty Tax locations across the city of Chicago. I was also tasked with teaching the tax courses and training the new hires, along with managing and being the lead tax preparer. Upon graduating from college I went on to work endless hours during a busy tax season at public accounting firm, Legacy Professionals. After that, I went to work as a Corporate Tax Auditor in the Chicago District Office of the California Franchise Tax Board, the largest taxing body after the IRS, and we worked closely with the IRS on a regular basis, often providing guidance to the IRS on tax code. While there I cracked an international tax shelter in just my second year, that is still case study to this day.

My original goal was to become a tax attorney. I still may. I’m full of surprises! But on a serious note, I believe taxpayer advocacy is often too expensive and out of reach for so many and offering affordable taxation services by an experienced tax professional, is a win-win for me.

After working on the governmental side, I began my own publishing business, and managing & marketing other businesses and professional athletes. My experience and passion for tax and business has been a key component to many of my service offerings.

Working with many entrepreneurs, small businesses and individuals regarding their finances, I decided to start KEPT Bookkeeping Services with a specialization in tax preparation, tax planning and tax advisory services. We specialize in business services, but can provide equally excellent service to individuals. Afterall, who owns and operates the businesses?

Thanks for taking time to get to know your tax professional a little better.

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