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To access your IRS wage transcripts, follow these steps:

1. Access the IRS Website:

  • Visit the official website of the IRS at

2. Select “Get Your Record” from the Homepage:

  • From the IRS homepage, select “Get Your Record” to access the tool for retrieving various types of IRS transcripts, including wage and income transcripts.

3. Navigate to the “Get Transcript” Tool:

  • Use the search function or navigate through the website to find the “Get Transcript” tool. This tool allows you to request various types of transcripts, including wage and income transcripts.

4. Provide Identification Information:

  • The IRS will require certain identification information to verify your identity. This typically includes your Social Security Number (SSN), date of birth, and filing status from your most recent tax return.

5. Verification Process:

  • After providing your identification information, the IRS will verify your identity using their authentication process. This may involve answering security questions or providing additional information.

6. Request Transcript:

  • Once your identity is verified, you can request the wage and income transcript for the desired tax year. Specify the tax year for which you need the transcript.

7. Delivery Options:

  • Choose your preferred delivery method for receiving the transcript. Options may include online access, mail delivery, or fax.

8. Receive Transcript:

  • After completing the request, you will receive the wage and income transcript through your chosen delivery method. If you opt for online access, you may be able to download the transcript immediately.

9. Review Transcript:

  • Review the wage and income transcript to ensure that it contains the information you need. The transcript will include details of income reported to the IRS, such as wages, salaries, interest, and dividends.

10. Save or Print Transcript:

  • Save a digital copy or print the transcript for your records. It may be useful for tax filing, financial planning, or verification purposes.


  • Always follow the instructions provided on the IRS website and provide accurate information to ensure a smooth retrieval process.

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